5 Healthy Habits to Radiant Skin

5 Habits of People with Great Skin, MelMarie Skincare, May be an Image of woman holding MelMarie Simply Bright Everyday Moisturizer

Every day without fail, you can log onto the internet and see these girls with perfect, healthy, glowing skin.

And it is hard not to wonder, “why don’t I look like that?” Trust me girl, I see you. But the good news is you CAN look like that. It doesn’t take some elaborate beauty routine (although those products are really helpful), all you need is the desire to have clear skin and the determination to follow these 5 healthy habits of people with Great skin that will leave your skin glowing like never before.

1.Drink plenty of water

You’ve heard this one a million times, haven’t you? So much that at this point it probably goes in one ear and right back out the other…. but it’s true.You need to drink water if you want your skin to be hydrated and healthy. Now, I struggled with this one a bit myself for quite a long time. It was so hard for me to drink water because I never really felt thirsty. I’d go through my days without any more than 20 oz. of water, which if you are wondering is nowhere near enough.

In 2020 the Mayo Clinic made a statement that on average, men should drink around 125 oz of water each day, and women should drink around 91 oz per day. Drinking this amount of water helps your skin to maintain elasticity and makes the skin less likely to suffer from scars and wrinkles. Not to mention it has other benefits such as aiding in weight loss, digestion, energy, and so much more. It’s really a win-win situation. So before you read the rest of this post, go get yourself a glass of water.

Tip: Figure out how many ounces your favorite water bottle holds and see how many bottles it takes to reach your water goal. Then set a time in your head as to when one bottle should be finished. For example, say “I want to finish my first bottle of water by 10 A.M.”, and do that for the whole day. 

2. Get enough sleep

This one might be new to you, but yes, sleep plays an important role in the upkeep of your skin. During the 8 hours that you *should* be sleeping, your body is producing collagen which is the protein that regenerates skin cells. This means that you need to be getting your beauty sleep so that your body can naturally heal scars and age marks. And by getting enough sleep you can say goodbye to those pesky under eye circles. With that being said, make sure that you make the time to get a good night’s rest, it will be oh so worth it. 

Getting enough sleep is essential to having good skin, habits of people with great skin, how to have great skin.

3. Makeup removal is a must before bed

Tying into tip #2, you need to take off your makeup before you get your beauty sleep. Yea yea, you forget or you’re just too tired, I’ve heard it all before. It really is important though to take the makeup off and do your skincare routine. Even if that is just washing your face and putting on a moisturizer.

The makeup itself may not have anything in it that is bad for your skin, but makeup can actually trap dirt and environmental pollutants under the skin. This is what would cause you to break out from sleeping in makeup. It can also cause collagen degradation. Remember the protein we talked about in the last tip? Without collagen your skin will not be able to heal itself which can in turn cause premature aging. And none of us want that, so go take your makeup off, especially before bed.

4. Double cleanse

Especially if you wear makeup, double cleansing is super important. By washing your face twice, you can be sure that you have removed all the dirt and oil. You can first use an oil cleanser to take the makeup off and then use a foaming face wash to get all the extra stuff off. And don’t forget to replenish with a moisturizer. Plus, if you use the double cleanse method for makeup removal, you are eliminating the use of a makeup wipe. Disposable makeup wipes are very harsh on your skin because they can contain drying chemicals that strip the face of its natural oils and cause irritation. And since you won’t have a makeup wipe to throw away, you’re looking out for the environment too. 

5. Find the right products for your skin

There are so many different products for different skin types, and if you’ve never done this before it can be confusing. The most important thing is to listen to your skin. Is it feeling dry? You should definitely moisturize. Is it feeling oily? Maybe try a toner to wipe away the excess oil and replace it with some good stuff for your skin. Some of this can be trial and error until you find what your skin really needs. I’ve personally tried hundreds of different face creams and washes and toners and serums, until I found what worked for my skin. Don’t let that deter you from starting a skincare routine though, it will be worth it once you figure it out. 

Now that the secrets have been revealed, you are one step closer to reaching your radiant skin goals. There may be some bumps in the road, we can’t promise perfection, but if you do follow these steps diligently you will notice a difference in the way your skin looks and feels. And a difference in how you feel too.

If you already got that glass of water, you’ve just begun your journey to radiant skin, and we’re so happy for you! And of course if you have any questions at all you can comment down below or get ahold of us by phone or email. 

With love,

Tracey & Mel



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  1. I absolutely love the products, from you, that I use on my face. I feel more confident just throwing on a little brow and mascara with Simply Bright, to run out to the store!

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5 Habits of People with Great Skin, MelMarie Skincare, May be an Image of woman holding MelMarie Simply Bright Everyday Moisturizer

5 Healthy Habits to Radiant Skin

….all you need is the desire to have clear skin and the determination to follow these 5 healthy habits of people with great skin that will leave your skin glowing like never before.